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New from MYE Entertainment is a back-room electronics pack that can take the stereo audio signals from your cable TV boxes or TV Screens and convert them into a digital signal for Wifi transmission. Your club members just download the free AppAudio App from the iTunes (use the QR Code) or Android App Store and then they can use their own phones and earbuds to listen to their chosen TV Channel sound while they work out - anywhere in the club!

Now for no additional cost we can organise the Platinum Marketing Service for your club or clubs. With this service you can add your own marketing features on the app - your club welcome video - special offers - sponsors and members messages - class timetable pdfs for downloading or emailing to themselves and many more we haven't thought of yet!


The MYE Audio Grabber (see picture) has just been released, so if you already have 4-8 TVs connected to our WES or Cardio Theater® Transmitters, then the optional extra Audio Grabber will pick up the signals (up to 8 Channels) and feed them into the Audio Interface Processor using short cables. This saves on the installation time and cost of hard-wiring from the TVs.

NB: This system needs to be installed and commissioned by an IT technician or knowledgeable person and the package price does not include a Netgear Gigabit Switcher and a Wifi "Transmitter" or Access Point such as the Ruckus R300 with the possibility that 100 users can 'tune' in at one time.

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