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System with E-mic


Wireless System with E-mic
Fitness Audio UHF Series - the best built fitness wireless microphone system hands down!  The simplified clean design takes a beating and keeps on delivering.  Transmitter circuit boards are coated with a marine grade sealer for additional sweat protection as well as the elimination of an external transmitter antenna (both Fitness Audio exclusives). 16 Channel UHF for those crowded RF markets where VHF is less reliable as well as the ability to offer one extra transmitter as a club back-up that will work with any of the Fitness Audio UHF Series systems in the facility.  This system has been sold world wide to many happy facility directors.

Quick Look:

16 channel frequency agile UHF system

No external antenna on the transmitter pack

Coated circuit boards - to protect against sweat

Single ‘ON/OFF’ switch on the transmitter

Rugged T4 connector on the transmitter pack - single action keyway with locking button  Easy in, easy out - no twisting to release the headset   This has proven to be the best connector for fitness  Maintains contact even under lateral torquing from floor exercise routines

Tone coded transmission - eliminates spurious emissions and ‘on/off’ pop noise

Receiver adjustments are on the back of the unit - when rack mounted, the use is unable to make accidental unwanted adjustments - set and forget. 


Quick Look:

               - Water Immersion Screens provide better capsule protection

               - Super Steel Cable ensures better fitness performance

               - Shorter Boom Arm guarantees better fit and increased durability

               - Noise Canceling Element for rooms with poor acoustics
- Boom Arm Position Piece strengthens the boom joint to avoid the "droops" 
- Epoxied Boom Arm - strengthens and sweat-protects boom joint
- Epoxied Spot Fills provide added sweat protection throughout the mic
- 1 year - 20 classes per week warranty

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Varenummer SDR5616/SM716/E-mic
Prod. varenr.: SDR5616/SM716/E-mic
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